Frequently Asked Questions

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How are speech therapy services covered?

MTS accepts many forms of speech coverage, including SC Medicaid, SC BabyNet, Private Pay, Health Savings Accounts, Private Insurance, and Tricare. Call us to learn more about your speech coverage.

Where is MTS located?

MTS has two private clinics, one off The Parkway in Greer and one on Spartanburg’s Westside. We also provide speech therapy services at most daycares, preschools, and private schools across Spartanburg and Greenville counties. In addition, we provide in-home therapy for children that are unable to come to a clinic or school.

How long will my child need speech-language therapy?

As trained speech-language pathologists, we re-evaluate your child’s needs every 3 months. At that time, you and your therapist update your child’s goals together and look at progress. The length of therapy also depends on the severity of the problem and the rate of progress made in the therapy sessions and during reinforcement at home and in the community.

What are the red flags that mean a child might need assistance in developing speech and language?

“Red flags” for speech and language development are signs that a child might not be developing like his/her peers.

Some “red flags,” for speech or language delay include:

  • The child does not respond to his/her surroundings in the usual way.

  • The child does not play with peers or toys in ways that other kids his/her age do.

  •  The child does not use a variety of sounds or words.

  • The child does not understand (or respond) when he/she is asked a question.

  • The child does not follow instructions.

  • The child does not use words to tell adults what he/she needs.

  • Instead, lots of gestures or even tantrums are used.

If I am concerned about my child’s speech or language development, what should I do?

Trust your instincts! Most of the time, a caretaker’s instincts about their child are absolutely right! It is not helpful to ignore those instincts. Others may say that the child will simply “outgrow” a speech or language delay. While this could be true, it is impossible to know which children will outgrow their delay and which will need support from speech-language therapist to help them academically or socially.

If a child needs help with his/her speech or language, it is important to get that help as early as possible.

MTS offers complementary speech and language screenings to take the guesswork out of the concern. Contact our office to schedule.

How important is a child’s early speech/language development to later success in elementary school, middle school, high school and college?

Early speech and language development are very important to a child’s academic success. Children who reach developmental language milestones earlier are more likely to do better academically later in life.

This does not mean that a child who shows some delay in developing language will not be successful in school. In fact, children with language delays can “catch up” to their peers if (1) they are identified before kindergarten, and (2) they receive needed treatment from a Speech-Language Pathologist starting immediately after they are identified.

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